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Saturday, August 22, 2020

CIC#500th Spotlight--Riley & Company

This week we are celebrating our 500th Challenge!

Today's sponsors spotlight is Riley & Company!

About Riley and Company from Riley's perspective:
My name is Riley and I am a moose! A quite adorable and charming moose if I say so myself. I used to be just a small part of another company until my cool Head Moose (Tanya Kostynuk) bought me in 2009. I moved to Kansas City immediately and became the star of my own line! I have a few really close buddies I hang out with. They are Felix the Feline, Burt the Cat (snarky little guy), Tucker the Pup and LeRoy (pronounced Le' ROY - he thinks he is French) the Dog. They keep me company!
A couple years after I moved, Tanya decided to add some fun snarky sayings to my line! They are so much fun and they make everyone laugh so much that we decided to call them Funny Bones!! My fans went wild and everyone loved them! We are actually the Original Home of Snark! To date - there are over 800 Funny Bones sayings!!!!
I like to camp, and fish, and play sports (almost all kinds), movies and I LOVE coffee!! And I loooovvveeee clothes! In 2016, I came out with my own clothing line! It's called Dress Up Riley.  You can mix and match everything. My wardrobe is endless! They even have matching dies! My line is so stylish that I have been told I need to take it to a fashion show in New York or Milan but I am not sure.  And I really really want a Moose Pent House where Burt, Tucker, Felix and I can live together, but Tanya says we will get into too much trouble. She might be right.
Ok - it's not all about me. Well, yes it is. But my company also has a super fun stamp line called Mushroom Lane. There are all kinds of houses that look like mushrooms including a church, a school, apartments, a library and even a store. The little town has grown to over 20 buildings! I think fairies live in this little town - but they are really fast and I can never see them. I have seen a couple gnomes though! 
And finally, a little bit about our Head Moose - Tanya. She owned a super fun retail rubber stamp store in Shawnee, KS (another suburb of Kansas City) for 12 years. That is how she found me! Today, she runs my business and, in 2017, she partnered with this fun lady named Karen Burniston to create KB Riley. (Cool name huh?) They make really fun pop-up dies. They can help little guys like me FLY and twirl and spin! You can find them at
During the year we play a lot and travel! You can find all of us at conventions all over the country! We absolutely love what we do here at Riley & Company, and moost of all, we LOVE our customers! Moose Fans are the BEST!
Thank you for stopping by, and please call us if you ever need anything.
Have a Moose-tacular day!
PRIZE: Two (2) $25 gift vouchers to Riley & Company

Sample Cards showcasing Riley with some of his fine clothes and Friends:


Here's some inspiration from our Sweeties:

Featuring Riley and Company's Birthday Cake Riley

Featuring Riley and Company's Abs Are Great and Basic Dress Up Riley with dies

Featuring Riley and Company's Toasting Riley and May Your Birthday Be Filled With

Featuring Riley and Company's Diet Riley

We would love to have you play along during our Celebration! 

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Be sure to come back tomorrow for more DT inspiration and another sponsor spotlight!

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